In 2017, SALUTE launched a competition to find the most innovative and diverse makers of new and original music. This was one of the most far-reaching and exciting grassroots talent searches in the history of British music.

Showcasing songwriting talent from all genres across the UK and celebrating diversity and inclusivity, SALUTE’s community of Music Makers and Music Lovers represented the true multi-cultural face of Britain.

As a music competition, SALUTE is an innovation and a world first, so here’s a look at what our first ever class of Salute Music Makers are saying about us.
Poggy – Singer Songwriter
“I think Salute is a great thing for unsigned artists as it really helps get some momentum behind you in terms of support.”
“Thanks to Salute I have had lots more interest generally in my music. It also made me get my official music video done which I’m really pleased about as I feel that will help to propel me forward.”

It’s lovely to see who really wants to see you do well.  I feel like it’s been useful to get the ball rolling with my music.

I’d like to enter again and I feel like If I did I’d be more prepared in some way.  I can see Salute bringing lots of great opportunities for artists to get their music out there to the public, and make more of a level playing field for all the artists out there.


TISTIK – Hip-Hop

I thought the competition was great, it was letting unsigned musicians get a shot at doing something big…I’ll definitely try again next year.

Mr. Ekow – Hip-Hop

“I think the competition is great for music makers and listeners alike. The opportunity to shine a spotlight on independent artists helps to expose some hidden talent and foster a community around them.”
As well as some good exposure, it’s been great to connect with some of the other artists involved. I definitely think there’s scope for Salute to grow bigger and better. I’m hoping that as Salute is more readily recognised by the general public, not just during the actual competition time, but more generally that it will attract a truly engaged fanbase that look to this as a source for finding great music. Having participated this year, I think next time round I’ll be a bit more prepared for getting involved and able to include the competition campaign into my wider music strategy and goals for the year.

Bow Promise – Future RnB

“I think it’s an amazing incentive. I tend to shy away from entering music contests which require votes but I like what Salute stands for. It’s community building and seeing the finalist updates, I found myself rooting for them all.” 
I see Salute as being the tastemakers for discovering new musicians and sharing them with the world. I imagine a radio show and I’d definitely love to see an event with performances from some of the finalists at least. I also see Salute having a presence at music networking seminars or holding its own. My aims for getting involved next year would be to do more to promote my entry and posting more online content to get votes.

Jessica Murae – Singer Songwriter

The competition is tough, it’s unique and is a fantastic platform for unsigned artists. When it comes down to the voting process, it’s up to you as an artist to push yourself to be creative using social media. The prizes were incredible so you would be missing out on a huge opportunity if you didn’t push yourself to get votes.
“I’ve gained Facebook followers and have been featured in Music Musing and Such blog which was great. During the voting process, my music reached a lot of people in my local area too.” 
I would absolutely love to get involved next year – it motivated me a lot. It would be great to have some Facebook Live events with some of the artists as the competition goes on. Social media has evolved so much and Salute is definitely embracing that.

iLLAMADi – Grime

“Salute is an epic and amazing opportunity for unsigned artists!”
We gained a lot of followers on social media for one, and collaborations from artists from various genres and networking opportunities.
Salute can only get bigger and better this year felt like the birth of something exciting and longterm and I am already amped to be involved in the next year’s competition with new music content and visuals with more focus on songwriting abilities.

Grace Savage – Pop & Hip-Hop


The most positive outcome from Salute for me was the massive self-confidence boost and stronger belief in my songs and that the music I am creating is resonating with people.
To have had two songs in the top 20 is a big achievement and shows that all my hard work is paying off; people like my music and I’ve got some great fans that I need to keep on side and can rely on for support in the future.

TY – Grime

“I enjoyed being apart of it definitely, I think what Salute is doing is great and it can only get better.” 
“I’ve gained some following or at least got my existing following to take me slightly more serious, I also had an article in my local newspaper. It also gave me a confidence boost and encouraged me to do more. I’m now currently working on my next EP and putting effort back into setting up my “hub” in Doncaster for which I’m working on a crowdfunding project.”
“I can see Salute becoming something very special and I definitely plan to get involved again next year and put more effort in this time in terms of the tracks I submit and having a decent video to go along with them.”

The Orange Circus Band – Folk

“We enjoyed taking part in the competition and feel the experience has been really positive and broadened our horizons.”