• How does it feel to be a Salute finalist and winner in 2017?
 I am really privileged and excited to be a salute finalist. I feel incredibly lucky and the competition was very strong, music wise! I’m just looking forward to getting going and working on my new material.
  • How did the last few years help you grow as a writer and artist?
 I think I’ve grown as a writer for sure. Mainly due to growing up a bit more and general life experiences. Also through continuously writing songs and ideas and compiling everything. I have more to work with.
In terms of an artist, I think every experience I’ve had has made me more sure of myself and increased my self-confidence. Not necessarily to do with being on stage but more a case of not comparing myself to other people so much.
  • What can you tell us about writing the songs? How did the songs tend to come together?
 The songs are always different. Some of them come to me really quickly within minutes and some of them can take over a year!! It’s important not to drive yourself mad and if you can’t finish something at that moment in time, live your life a bit more and come back to it with fresh eyes. Every songwriter can go through mental block so it’s important to me to just allow that to happen sometimes and recharge your mind haha.
  • Which songwriters inspired and inspire you? Anyone from Salute this year that you liked?
 I don’t know so much that they inspire my sound or process but I’m a big fan of Kodaline, Gabrielle Aplin, Paolo Nutini, Damien Rice along with the likes of Fleetwood Mac, Bruce Springsteen etc. I like most things. As a songwriter, I always pay attention to the lyrics.
I did particularly like Fin, his music was the kind of stuff I like to listen to and I really enjoy the stories he tells through his music.
  • What can you tell us about your songwriting process? How do you balance the storytelling and the composition? Do you write the instrumental parts first?
 This is always a difficult question to answer because the answer is always different. To use a song I’m in the middle of writing at the moment for example; I was lying in bed at 3am and an idea came to my head. I wrote lyrics and a melody together almost at once and grabbed my guitar and went from there. Other times, I can have a melody in my head that I really like and I’ll find words to fit around that. I think most songwriters change their process for every song. It keeps things fresh!