• How does it feel to have been a Salute finalist and winner in 2017 Lisa?
I was absolutely ecstatic when I found out – to find out that all your hard work has paid off and to find out that people appreciate your original material is one of the best feelings. It makes me feel like all the struggles that I face as a young independent artist are worth it!
  • How did the last few years help you grow as a writer and artist?
 I feel as though I have definitely grown a lot throughout my journey. When I first started the only gigs I did were on the street or open mic nights. Those things are still so much fun to do but now I get to support some outstanding artists, perform at festivals, sing to thousands at football matches and organise my own gigs so I definitely have come far in the past three years so hopefully I’ll only go further! I’ve grown a lot more confident in my original songs too and I perform them a lot more than I used to.
  • What can you tell us about writing the songs? How did the songs tend to come together?
The songwriter that inspired me to start songwriting was Taylor Swift – the way she wasn’t afraid to be vulnerable and show her emotions in her music is really inspiring to me and I probably wouldn’t have started writing music so much if it weren’t for her. I’m also hugely inspired by Bruce Springsteen as I think it’s awesome that he experiments in so many different genres and excels in them every single time. Ryn Weaver, Orla Gartland, The National, Hayley Kiyoko are just a few more of the many people I look up to as songwriters.
  • Which songwriters inspired and inspire you? Anyone from Salute this year that you liked?
 I think everyone from the Salute competition really stood out this year – everyone was really different but all extremely talented. Two of my favourites are Happi and Malaika so I was so happy to see they were in the finals too!
  • What can you tell us about your songwriting process? How do you balance the storytelling and the composition? Do you write the instrumental parts first?
 All of my songs are typically wrote based off of ideas that have popped into my head. I’ll get an idea for a lyric or melody or even a full chorus, save it into my phone, come back to it later and write the song – sometimes in 10 minutes, sometimes in a few days. All my songs are based on real things that I feel or experience so every lyric you hear is about someone I’ve loved or lost, something I’ve felt or experienced or something I want to say.