On Sunday 5th November, Salute Music Maker’s quest to unearth the very best in British musical talent finally reached its conclusion. From over 2000 initial entrants, the public have spoken and we can now proudly announce the winner is…Fin Henderson!

From the six finalists, the public overwhelmingly voted for Fin’s two songs, called, with uncanny prescience, “A Million Places” and “Evolution”! Fin has battled his way from the competition’s earliest stages where he, alongside 99 other musicians, was selected from over 2000 applicants by Salute Music Maker’s team of expert curators.

From here, Salute introduced the world’s first truly interactive voting system, which utilised Facebook Messenger and a specially-designed Facebook Messenger bot, allowing the public to make their own playlists and give songwriters of all backgrounds and musical styles the opportunity to have their music heard by a brand new audience.

Fin receives a no strings attached £50,000, whilst the other five finalists each receive £10,000. They are:

Fin Henderson 

Absolutely incredible to be the Salute Music Maker of 2017. The support from everybody and the competition itself has just been so incredible. I seriously can’t express how much it means to me. I can’t thank everybody enough, and I’m really excited for what the future brings!

In 2018, further opportunities await the finalists with home-town gigs arranged in partnership with the Music Venus Trust to champion them in their local community.

Mercury and Grammy award wining producer Jonathan Quarmby who curated Fin Henderson “A Million Places” track into the Top 100 said,

“As soon as I heard Million Places, the song jumped out at me. It didn’t have impressive ‘wow factor’ production, or any arrangement tricks. It was simply honest, raw and heartfelt.  And fundamentally, that’s what every writer is trying to do; to communicate emotion and help the listener to feel how they felt in the moment when the song was formed.  So well done Fin. A great song and a well-deserved win!”

Having emerged back in March amongst a storm of media interest, the original and innovative new music talent platform, Salute Music Makers have now reached the final stage of their national competition.

Having already ensured their truly inclusive showcase for the best of UK talent features artists from over 50 different nationalities (resident in the UK), the entrants are based from Guernsey to the Shetland Isles, aged from their teens through to the over-45’s, and cover genres from classical to indie to grime and all points in between. Salute Music Makers revealed their unique voting system, which enabled every music fan to not only vote but become curator and judge utilising Facebook Messenger to become the world’s first interactive voting system.

Spearheaded by the legendary former front-man of The Undertones, Feargal Sharkey, Salute are proud to be providing a platform for the up-and-coming songwriters of the UK. The Salute team of curators including Ras Kwame, Chris Tofu OBE, Jonathan Quarmby, Simon Perry (ReverbNation), Fiona Bevan, Dee Adam and Kwame Kwaten evaluated and judged the top 100 artists, whose futures now lie in the hands of the most important people – the music lovers.

Feargal Sharkey: “It’s been a long journey to get to this stage, but every second spent by the artists involved has been worth it. Between them, they have showcased not only their own tracks but the absolute best of UK song-writing today.

These are artists, who have had little or no involvement inside the music industry before they became Salute Music Makers and have given them the opportunity to not only connected with new audiences using the ground-breaking technology but empower them to take control of their music career and really push their original music out and grab new opportunities that have arisen from taking part in  the competition.

Salute Music Makers has given a platform to song-writers across the UK that gives no bias to age, colour, gender or genre and I am delighted the we now have our winner, as chosen by the public, a grassroots Music Maker Fin Henderson, who we can’t wait to follow on the new journey the competition has set them on!”