Throughout the nationwide competition that has seen over 2000 applicants from over 50 different nationalities, Salute Music Makers have innovated at every stage, from allowing the music fans themselves to decide the finalists to developing a whole new way for music lovers to vote, utilising the world’s first interactive playlist voting system.

With the six finalists announced on Sunday 29th October, Salute Music Makers can now proudly announce another world’s first – $10,000 worth of Audiocoin will be shared among all Salute Music Makers in partnership with Blockpool, giving them the opportunity to be some of the first songwriters in the world to benefit from the audio crypto-coin revolution.

All Music Makers will receive their share of the $10,000 of audio crypto-currency based on the number of views their music video received during the listening phase of the competition, which ran from 15th August to 26th September. This is only the beginning of the opportunities this gives them – once they have activated the online wallet containing their share of the prize, they will be able to do any of the following:

  • Keep the Audiocoins in the wallet and allow the value to grow or decrease in line with the market
  • Convert the Audiocoin into bitcoin and withdraw at a wide selection of locations in cash
  • Keep the Audiocoin and trade for other crypto-currencies
  • Spend the Audio coin on purchases including, studio and venue hire as well as music equipment

Having emerged back in March amongst a storm of media interest, the original and innovative new music talent platform, Salute Music Makers, have joined forces with Blockpool to give 100% of the $10,000 in Audiccoin STRAIGHT to the artists.

Blockpool are revolutionising the music industry by allowing music fans to earn Audiocoin by interacting with their favourite artists and sharing their music. Working with Salute Music Makers, this innovative partnership is a gateway for grassroots songwriters into the world of cryptocurencey and blockchain technology and will allow all Salute Music Makers to earn more Audiocoin well into 2018 and beyond through their fans sharing their music, attending their gigs, buying their merchandise and beyond.

Blockpool have announced today that Bjork, a hugely successful global artist and a pioneer in the use of technology in music will also be joining them on this journey, which is truly at the cutting edge of the future of music for both musicians and fans. Future plans include further unique partnerships between Salute Music Makers and suppliers of musical equipment and music venues (including studios), allowing for Audiocoin to be exchanged with them, ensuring that all levels of the music industry benefit from this innovation.

“People have done things with crypto and artists before, but this is the first time grassroots music-makers will be able to have the opportunity to earn and be rewarded for sharing their music – this is a world first for us and we are very excited to to be working with Salute,” said Kevin Bacon, the musician and producer who is also CEO of Blockpool. “While it will be interesting to see how the crypto community responds to this, Salute Makers Makers competition is also a gateway for people to go into crypto for the first time, it gives us the opportunity to educate and reward artists at the same time and the competition is the perfect fit for us to reach out to grassroots song writers.”

Voting for the winner will close at 9pm on 4th of November, with the drama extended to the very last minute as the leaderboard could be turn on its head with the release of a new unheard track by all finalist for final round of voting that will go live through the unlocking of a second playlist on Thursday.

Spearheaded by the legendary former front-man of The Undertones, Feargal Sharkey, Salute are proud to be providing a platform for the up-and-coming songwriters of the UK. The Salute team of curators including Ras Kwame, Chris Tofu OBE, Jonathan Quarmby, Simon Perry (ReverbNation), Fiona Bevan, Dee Adam and Kwame Kwaten have evaluated and judged the top 100 songwriters, whose futures now lie in the hands of the most important people – the music lovers.