Fresh off their success in reaching the Salute 2017 Finals with ‘Erykah and Red Wine’, Salute caught up with Franc and Baby Pink to get their reactions and talk musical influences, collaborative origins, and life in London.

  • SALUTE: How are you? How’s it feel to get through to the Salute Finals?

Baby Pink: We’re doing great thank you! It’s actually been crazy to find ourselves here at this point. After a lot of hard work which we’ve put in, it’s good to feel like that work is finally paying off. It’s unreal to think of the opportunities this will present us with.

  • SALUTE: What was it like choosing the new song for the finals? What is the inspiration behind the new song?
Franc: Choosing the new song ‘What Have You Done’ was actually a decision we made pretty quickly, as we had originally decided to go with another song, called ‘You & Me’. After listening over the two options, we decided ‘What have you done’ both complemented and contrasted with ‘Erykah & Red Wine’, showing variation and versatility, so we went with ‘What Have You Done’ as opposed to ‘You & Me’.  We also decided to choose the current song as ‘You & Me’ had already been released, whereas this song hasn’t been heard by anyone yet, which will add an element of excitement and show that we have so much more new music ready to show the world.
Baby Pink: The entire song is loosely based on real-life events, and it involved a young woman, in conversation with her self, talking over insecurities and reminiscing on her journey of maturing and growing up. She talks to her younger self, asking why she made the mistakes she did but also reassuring herself of the future. However, her younger self is being driven by a voice in her head, telling her to go and leave her troubles behind. We feel that this is a very relatable life situation, and especially to those of our generation.
  • SALUTE: Did you guys have a good summer leading up to the Top 100? 

Franc: We had a really good summer thank you! For the month of August we took time off work to spend in our home studio, working on new material and creating music videos ourselves. The song ‘What have you done’ was written and recorded in that time frame! The rest of the summer we spend playing shows and working.

  • SALUTE: So how did you meet and get together as a duo? How long have you been together?

Franc: We met a year ago in December, and actually the first time we met was to record Erykah & Red wine! We filmed the video a few weeks later and have been together ever since.

  • SALUTE: Did you guys arrange to meet and work together online?
Baby Pink: Yes, franc messaged me on Instagram!
  • SALUTE: Where did you grow up? What was it like musically?

Baby Pink: I grew up partially in the UK, but spent her teenage years in Melbourne, Australia. My father is a musician so I started singing and writing from a young age and sang in blues and rock and roll bands in Melbourne when I was 15-18 years old, playing in various live music venues. I moved to London when I was 18 and has been involved in the hip-hop and electronic music scene ever since.

Franc: I was born in Nigeria, lived there until he was 9 and then moved to Dorset, England. In Dorset I began writing my own music at the age of 12, at the age of 15 I began self-learning how to produce, record and put out my own music. At the age of 20 I moved to London to study music production at university and pursue my music career, later meeting Baby Pink.

  • SALUTE: What university did you go to Franc?
Franc: The University of West London to study Music Tech and Video Production.
  • SALUTE: What were the local music scenes like growing up?

Baby Pink: The local music scene in Melbourne were centered around Soul, Blues and Reggae. When I moved to London, the live music scene I became involved in centered around Hip-Hop, Rap, and Soul.

Franc: There wasn’t a huge live music scene in Dorset for the genre that I am involved in, however I started a hip-hop collective, Common Roots, with his friends in Dorset to lay foundations for the local hip-hop scene, which I then developed with friends in Bristol and later London.

  • SALUTE: How did you get started making music individually?

Baby Pink: I started singing from a very young age, and wrote my first song in primary school. During my teenage years began playing in Blues, Soul and Rock bands in Melbourne.

Franc: I started writing songs when I was 12 and I got my first mic at 15 and began performing in local venues and festivals shortly after. Together, the first night we met, we wrote Erykah & Red Wine.

  • SALUTE: What gear do you use for recording and production?

Baby Pink: We have a very makeshift home studio in our room which we share in Hackney. We have a second-hand mixer, donated from our friend Dwight, a laptop, speakers, a condenser Mic which Franc has had for 6 years now, and we use Cubase to record and produce, and also mix and master.

  • SALUTE: What do you think about the Salute ethos and competition?

Franc: We are fully behind the ethos of SALUTE, particularly the premise of helping give independent artists a pathway into the UK music scene, and to help them support their own creative endeavors.

  • SALUTE: What do you think of the current situation in London for musicians? Are you both working as well as studying and making music?
Baby Pink: The current situation for emerging artists is very difficult in London, especially for musicians like ourselves who are trying to work whilst maintain studies. It’s seems that you need to be at a certain level of social and economic presence to be able to have the right people paying attention to you. In the case of up and coming artists, breaking through these barriers comes as a very difficult task most of the time.
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