•  SALUTE: How does it feel to get through to the Salute finals?
I can’t even describe how incredible it feels. There was such a huge variety of musicians that were all insanely talented, so to have a song that was recorded live with just me, a piano and my feelings is so mind-blowing considering the standard of talent there was in the top 100! I’m so incredibly grateful for all the support that everyone has provided to help me get where I am, it’s been a wonderful journey for me.
  • SALUTE: What was it like choosing the new song for the finals? What is the inspiration behind the new song?
I had already submitted all the songs I had recorded when trying to get into the top 100 so I had to record something new. I chose a song that a lot of my fans and people at shows have said they love and it’s also very different to the one that’s in the top 100! It’s a lot more upbeat and happy and has some aspects from totally different styles to that of “I Do”. The new song, “C’mon, Let’s Go” was actually written about the same person, just before we broke up so you’ll be seeing a totally different side to the story now! It explored how people’s disapproval of our relationship and spoke to how we should just leave everyone that doubted or disapproved of us behind and be happy together.
  • SALUTE: Have you had a good summer?

I’ve had an amazing summer! I just spent a lot of time writing music and performing which is how I want to spend all of my time so it was great to get to make that my only focus for a few weeks during the holidays!

  • SALUTE: How did you discover Salute?

I have a lot of friends who are also in the music industry so I saw them posting about it and it looked like a really good competition so I thought I would give it a shot as well!

  • SALUTE: When did you write ‘I do’?

I wrote I Do around April, a couple days after my very first breakup so I wrote it at a time where I was very vulnerable and emotional so the song takes me back to that really hard time whenever I sing it.

  • SALUTE: It’s an epic story of holding someone accountable for their words and deeds. Did you write this from recent experience?

I did write this from experience! The person I was with had dumped me but told me that they still loved me and might wanna be with me again in the future, so I responded in the best way I could and wrote a song about how there’s only so many chances I’ll give and so many emotional games I’ll play.

  • SALUTE: Where did you grow up? What was it like musically? 

I grew up in Paisley, Scotland. It’s such an amazing place for young musicians. Everyone is incredibly supportive and there are always opportunities around for people just trying to start out in the music scene. The response and encouragement that I’ve received from the people of the town have been amazing and it really makes me feel at home and feel as if music is what I should be doing. I started music by busking on the streets of Paisley when I was 14 and after I got a great response from that I started doing gigs and performing original songs and haven’t stopped since!

  • SALUTE: Are you collaborating with other musicians much at the moment or are you gigging a lot?

I have collaborated a couple of times before! I wrote a protest song with a band called Savage Cut, called Stand as well as writing with James Grant from the band Love and Money! Both of those collaborations were a lot of fun to be a part of but for now, I’m focusing a lot on gigging and writing by myself and I’m loving every second of it!

  • SALUTE: Do you like to travel into Glasgow for gigs or are there any music scenes in Glasgow that you are a part of?
Paisley is my home and will always be my favourite place but Glasgow has a really incredible music scene! Most of the buskers there look out for each other and I’ve always found that everyone there is really supportive, whether you’re starting out or have been in the industry for a while, you always feel super welcome!
  • SALUTE: What gear do you use for recording and production?

I don’t have my own gear for recording or producing so I use other studios and hire producers! It would be pretty cool to have my own studio but I haven’t found the time or money to try and build one but fingers crossed I could try that out for the next EP/album I record!