• SALUTE: Did you all grow up in Inverness?

Aaron: No but we are all staying in Inverness now. Even though it is a city it’s quite reserved and the music scene is quite small.

  • SALUTE: How did you get started making music?

Aaron: We have all had music in our lives, whether that was listening to it or making it growing up. We’ve all had a family member that inspired us from a young age. I was playing guitar from when I was big enough to hold one and started writing early on.

Michael: Yeah I started messing around with a couple of high school bands. The band came together fully after we met up a while ago and it’s taken a wee while to get Jason and the full band together. We’re feeling more comfortable now that we know who we together as a band, we have found our feet in this genre so we spend a lot more time writing songs now.

  • SALUTE: Was there much of a local scene in Inverness? What’s the musical community like up there?

Michael: There aren’t any other bands in Inverness who we share a genre with. There are a couple of Pop bands and Indie bands, but no other Alt Rock bands. We were looking at songwriting in our genre and asking the questions of established bands and took from what we thought worked. Then we fine-tuned and crafted our own sound that draws inspiration from others, appeals to people, and is what we want to play.

  • SALUTE: So are you writing more for live shows than recording at the moment? How did the recent tour with Snarf Snarf go?

Michael: Yeah definitely, we write for playing live. It was grand, we played a couple of shows with them, they’re cool guys. They are one of the few bands here that are actually about building the scene and helping other bands out. It can get quite clique up here, with the same folks playing to the same audiences.

  • SALUTE: When did you write your first song together?

Aaron: I did a lot of the demos on the top lines, lyrics or the main structure of the rhythm guitar. I have ideas of how I want it to sound, but it all comes together, all the ideas come together in the rehearsal space. The first song that we wrote properly together was ‘Believe’.

Michael: At the end of a session we’ll have like 30 ideas. There’s a lot of stuff that we come up with all writing together in those rehearsals.

  • SALUTE: What’s the circuit like up there? Are you working other jobs to support the band?

Michael: I’m a student but all of the guys have full-time jobs. We don’t get paid much money to play, it’s a hit or miss depending on what sort of people turn up. There are loyal crowds of younger people who are keen to see new bands like in Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Aberdeen. It’s been a time of dedication for us all, and we’re all enjoying taking the band forward now.

  • SALUTE: What do you think of the SALUTE initiative and competition?

Aaron: I think it’s just what has been missing in the industry for independent bands and musicians. The platform and the prizes are amazing and can really make a massive difference to musicians who are trying to progress their projects.

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