• SALUTE: What’s up TY? How’s the summer been for you?

I’m alright, I’m plodding on. This summer has been pretty positive for me, I had quite a tough year but recently I’ve been having a lot of positive things happen with life and music. Really looking forward to the future.

  • SALUTE: Vibes. Where did you grow up?

I’ve lived in various areas in Doncaster my whole life. Musically there’s not a lot that happens to be honest. Doncaster lacks in arts altogether, in my opinion due to lack of resources and support. There has always been a pretty big dance scene round here, most of us including myself grew up listening to that. There’s also a bit of a band scene but in terms of the music I like to make, there’s very little. There were a few names before myself and my circle, and a few others are getting into it now since Grime blew up last year, but still not much at all.

  • SALUTE: So were there local scenes around Doncaster that you could go to play your music or listen to other people’s music? Were there places where you could collaborate with other musicians?

Not really. There’s a few decent places for bands/singers to showcase themselves and DJ’s do pretty well in the clubs if they spin the right tunes. We’ve tried in the past to put nights on but Doncaster doesn’t like change, unfortunately. In terms of having somewhere to come together and collaborate, nothing like that exists here. I think if there was there would be a bit more of a community but as it stands people tend to do their own thing.

I’ve actually been trying to put something like this together myself but I don’t have the funds and no one is willing to fund it. If I was to reach the top 6 in the competition that’s what I would do with the money.

  • SALUTE: When you say Doncaster doesn’t like change, what do you think specifically folks don’t like about genres like Grime?  Do people still just like to go out and listen to 90’s dance music?

Yeah, most people just stick to what they know, I mean we’ve got the Doncaster Warehouse which is pretty famous and I think that’s where the dance scene came from, it’s kind of dying out in the younger generation. I think in a few more years there will be a bit more of a Grime/Rap scene but yeah there’s definitely a bit of a stigma around the genre, I think Grime has evolved so much in recent years and it almost branched out into a load of sub-genres and people seem to be a bit ignorant to that. I hate telling people I make Grime music sometimes because most people have a very narrow-minded view on it. It’s a bit odd because I know a lot of people are listening to it nowadays and we have had a few names in the clubs like; D Double, Big Narstie, we’ve had Charlie Sloth and a few more I’m sure, and they brought in a decent crowd. When it comes to hometown talent though, people aren’t very supportive, unfortunately.

Until you’re doing things out of Doncaster people in it don’t really want to know.. it’s a shame really.

  • SALUTE: How did you get started making music – individually and as a band?

Making music was always in the back of my mind, I remember writing my first tune when I was about 10 years old. I’ve always been close to my uncle ‘Mistakay’ who has made music since he was 12 and I would say he influenced me a lot. I started writing and recording music when I was about 16 and became homeless. I was going through dark times, it was a way to express myself and made me feel better, that’s when I fell in love with it. Eventually, I moved into a hostel and funnily enough, I met a DJ and a few MC’s. There was a music room in the hostel with speakers, mics etc and we would be in there every day doing sets. It brought us all together, we’re still very close a few years on and make music together when we can. I’ve been taking music seriously for about two years now, I went out and bought all my own equipment, I record/mix tracks and film videos for myself and my circle showcasing them on our YouTube channel “GrimupNorth”.

  • SALUTE: What gear do you use for recording and production?

I have a; RODE NT1-A microphone, Wharfedale 502USB mixer, KRK Rokit 5 monitor speakers, An old keyboard I use for MIDI, Canon 1200D equipped with a Tascam DR-40 for recording freestyle and music videos and I run it all on a standard everyday PC. I use FL Studio & Cubase for mixing/producing.

  • SALUTE: What was your latest release/music to come out?

My latest release was “TY – No Way” which is the track in the Top 100, I put this track together whilst getting back into production. I wanted to challenge myself to make a track from scratch and achieved that in a couple days, it was an experiment for me and I considered it a throw-away. I actually wanted to submit a different track that had a music video but had some trouble uploading it so “No Way” took its place… luckily it paid off. However, I recently put out a freestyle video around the time of the Top 100 announcement called “TY – Hell On Earth”.

  • SALUTE: What do you think of the SALUTE initiative and competition?

I think it’s a really good thing and its young so can only get better. Only positive things can come from it, as far as I’m aware there’s nothing like it and it’s giving us music makers a good shot of getting our names out there. I feel humbled to be alongside so many mad talented people. I hope to stay involved and possibly make some connections and collaborations, that would be sick.


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