We’ve had a great response from Music Makers north of the border in Scotland during SALUTE’s first year. Run Into the Night are a garage Post-Punk, Rock and Roll duo from  Glasgow and their awesome single ‘Turn To Static’ was selected by the SALUTE curators for the SALUTE Top 100. We caught up recently to discuss the band’s origins, scene building, and navigating the important early stages of writing and touring.

  • SALUTE: Did you both grow up in Glasgow? What was it like?

Christina: I grew up in Glasgow. I started playing music when I was 13. There was a really good Punk scene at the time in Glasgow. A lot of underage punks putting on shows and parties. It was really good at the time. There’s a lot more genres now as folks from the scene have gotten older and started to play to more audiences. The Glasgow music scene has been great and there are so many good bands at the moment and some are taking off.

Ellie: I was born in Australia originally and I moved to Troon and grew up there before moving to Glasgow when I was 18.

  • SALUTE: How did you get started making music? Did you grow up in a musical household?

Christina: My mum was a massive Freddie Mercury fan so we grew up with mum playing records in the house. My sister is older than me and she got a guitar but never played it so I used to sneak into her room to play guitar when I was 11 and eventually she gave it to me.

Ellie: It’s funny because exactly the same happened to me (laughs). My older sister had the guitar first and I wasn’t allowed to touch it. So I would wait for her to go out and secretly learn it. That’s how we first got started.

  • SALUTE: Did you know this about each other before this interview?

Christina: We actually discovered it last week preparing for the interview, that we actually have quite similar stories. Both of us had one sibling, an older sister, who got us into music.

  • SALUTE: Did you do music at school?

Christina: I grew up around all boys and they were in the Punk music scene. I had learnt a few notes and cords on my sister’s guitar, but when I met people who were also playing guitar and drums. So we all got involved and made little bands, it was a great way to learn together. We played at one of my friend’s mum shop. We would take the keys and go inside the empty shop at night and have band practice. We had nowhere else to go. I did do a lot of music at school. I went on to do music performance at college which was a great way to meet other musicians.

  • SALUTE: How did the band start and how long have you been together?

Christina: It started because me and Ellie love music. Ellie would come over, we would listen to our favourite bands, have a couple of drinks and talk about everything. I was recently out of a band, Ellie had always played solo, and I was like we’re best friends, we like the same music, we always listen to music so why don’t we start a band? We spent a long time experimenting with instruments and genres until something clicked.

Ellie: I started to learn keyboard at the start. I got my sister’s keyboard and started playing but a few months later I started playing drums and learned that. I love drums, it was what I wanted to play before.

Christina: Yeah, Ellie is able to pick up an instrument and play it really quickly so we were able to listen and play around until we found out what our sound is going to be.

  • SALUTE: Beautiful, so are you really settled as a duo?

Christina; We like keeping it just us. It can be difficult to find other reliable musicians and we have an understanding of how we work and just the two of us is working really well. We’re not afraid to tell each other what’s not right or whatever. We’ve been playing lots of shows outside of Glasgow and we’ve had so much fun going out on the road as friends. It’s been a lot of fun.

  • SALUTE: There’s a strong live music scene in Glasgow, did you get to see many gigs and live music growing up? 

Ellie: There wasn’t much of a music scene in Troon and I never went into Glasgow at night so I kinda missed out on all that growing up.

Christina: When Ellie and I started this band recently I was a bit out of the loop with what was happening in the Glasgow music scene. There were new bands and genres popping up everywhere all the time. When I grew up on 4 chord old school punk, then there was a hard rock scene, and now it’s a new wave gothic punk rock vibe that is more experimental with synths and keys. A bit more interesting I think. There have been a lot of new bands that we have worked with over the past year which has been great. There are a lot of female musicians at the moment in Glasgow which is really cool. The scene has been really welcoming. When I grew up it was mostly males, I think I was the only girl that I knew of in the scene. Now there are lots of other female musicians which is encouraging to see.

Glasgow’s music scene is really exciting right now and with events like Tenement Trail supporting the local scene, it’s hard not to discover new bands all the time. Influential bands on the scene right now include The Imagineers, The Ninth Wave and Hollow Tones to name a few.

In order to support the scene and bands outside of Scotland, Run Into The Night have started organising our own shows giving ourself and other bands the chance to network and showcase new material.

Our next event is a little different, we are asking 10 bands to strip back their sound and go acoustic for charity. This will take place on Sunday 3rd of December 2017 at Nice N Sleazies in Glasgow City Centre featuring amazing local talent from bands who are kind enough to get involved and give something back to the community (Embrace charity for child victims of crime).

  • SALUTE: How did the release for Turn to Static go?

Christina: We released that single ourselves, we’ve done it all ourselves at the moment. We worked with our friends to record and produce it. We’re all reaching our for contacts and helping each other our so it’s nice that everyone is coming together. We put on shows in Scotland which has been really good. It can be really hard as an underground independent band to get shows in your own city. We teamed up with our friends, Double Echo, in Liverpool and did a joint tour in Scotland and England.

  • SALUTE: Have you been able to meet other bands on tour or do you discover and connect with other bands online?

Christina: We did a tour to Derby, Liverpool, and Dundee recently. Liverpool was amazing, we loved it. We’ve kept in touch with loads of people from there. We’re going back there this year. The internet is so good for keeping in touch with people and networking. Although the internet is great for keeping in touch with people with our music there’s a lot of energy and expression in the live show that you don’t always get on a recording. So being able to make gigs happen is great for us. We’re always at shows, all the time, a lot of it for me is the live performance and raw energy.

  • SALUTE: When did you write your first song together?

Christina: We’re so picky when we write songs, it takes ages sometimes. We like dynamics and choruses and tones. I like using harmonics and we’re both really into song structure which is really important for how we experiment with different instruments.

Ellie: It’s really important when there’s only two of us to make a rich sound. I use a sample pad when we play live for organs, xylophone tones, and backing vocals.

Christina: We spend a lot of time on writing songs that we can record and play live. We always make sure we can pull it off live. We use samples and effects to capture the richness like there’s only two of us but it sounds like there are four people on stage.

  • SALUTE: What gear do you use for production and recording?

Christina: I had a pedalboard built by ‘custom pedal boards uk’ with a duel split enabling me to play different tones and effects through 2 amps at the same time. This allows me to build a fuller sound between the two amps using octaves, bass and treble. This set up is an important part of Run Into The Nights sound and has allowed me to develop my guitar skill by being more technical, especially in our most recent material. Sometimes I program music on my Mac with Garage band.

  • SALUTE: Are you recording again now?

Christina: Ay, we’re recording again at the moment for a 7 inch singe. We’ve rearranged my house into a studio to rehearse. We’re going to record in a really cool vintage studio in Glasgow called Green Door Studio. We’ll be using tape machine and vintage DIY stuff. It’s going to be really interesting to experiment with that sound.

Green Door Studio, Glasgow

Ellie: We’re writing music for live shows and mixing our sets up. We break songs down a lot together and rebuild them. Sometimes we just randomly start writing a new song as well, we’re piecing one together right now! We like working under pressure just before a recording session.

Christina: After we listen to the recordings that we share together during the week, we just go through the song changing it and changing it until we’re happy with it.

  • SALUTE: How do you balance getting started as a band, promoting nights, and working life?

Christina: We both work 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday and when we get out of work during the week we’re always going out to gigs and shows and parties. At the weekends we always dedicate time together to sit down with the instruments and plan out bits. We also work quite close to each other so we meet up every day for lunch and take a walk and come up with ideas and stuff.

Ellie: It’s one of the best things about the digital age is that even if we’re not next to each other during the day we can record it and send it and then work on it remotely. When we come together we are already prepared.

  • SALUTE: What do you think of the SALUTE initiative and competition?

Ellie: I saw a Facebook advertisement but it was close to the closing date so I was really glad I found it in time, I thought it looked awesome. I’ve been on the app as well and it’s been great. It looks like a great competition. It’s great that it’s not just about the competition but it’s about supporting musicians to get their music heard. It’s a really good opportunity. It’s nice that you are not just taking the back seat.

Christina: It’s similar to like what we are doing. Listening to other bands and helping to promote them. It gives a platform for underground bands to rise and grow.


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