Thousands of Music Lovers have become judges in Salute Music Makers innovative playlist voting system (patent pending) as the top 100 tracks battle it out to get into the finals.

Using Facebook the world’s biggest social media platform and called Salute Music Messenger in Facebook Messenger, Salute will give music lovers a revolutionary experience, where they can choose to vote using a Facebook Messenger conversation. Interacting with an AI Bot, users are led to construct a winning playlist from music that’s delivered in completely randomised sets, direct to their inboxes over 5 weeks.

The 100 songs are randomised across ten playlists, which are released separately every four days, with the ever changing leaderboards being published on the third day of each unlocking set.

This unique voting system will ensure no will now how the six finalists are until when the voting closes on 27th October.

Discover the Undiscovered and start voting here!

Syd Lawrence from the Bot Platform who have built the bot said:

‘The Salute Music competition is using the very best of technology available today. It’s pioneering use of Messenger as the platform is a perfect way to blend interactivity with engagement and keeps the voting and the listening all within one streamlined platform – Facebook Messenger.’