• SALUTE: Where did you grow up? What was it like?

I grew up in a seaside town in Deal, Kent.  It was lively growing up there as I was the youngest of 6 and we lived opposite a lawn tennis club which we would spend most of the summer months In. Also right by the sea and we spent lots of time swimming in the sea with our parents.  It was a very musical household with everyone playing an instrument and my mum and dad as concert pianists.  We also did a lot of singing together and in choirs.

  • SALUTE: How did you get started making music? What kind of music did you grow up on?

I first wrote my own song when I was about 13 and then didn’t do much until I was about 23-24 years old, when I joined a band with my sister and brother in- law. We were called ‘Far away tree’.  My sister and I always loved doing harmonies. That was our strong point really.

I grew up listening to my parents playing classical piano together, and my dad classical singing too. I also would listen to my older sisters 80’s music and also a lot of Michael Jackson, who was my favourite!  I always thought I would marry him!

  • SALUTE: Was there much of a local scene or did you find a lot of stuff through the internet?

There is a huge local scene now which my brother in law and husband helped to build up over the years.  There are loads of great musicians in Deal alone!  It’s a very creative little town.  I only started to use the internet to source music in the last few years really.  My husband and family run a cool music venue here in Deal now, and as a result I discovered loads of brilliant musicians regularly.

I collaborate with many songwriters and artists in Deal, and the local area. It is mainly to do with Smugglers Records which my brother in law established a few years ago. Now he creates a yearly festival which just happened at the end of August in Little Mongeham, outside of Deal. Smugglers Records is a collective of amazing artists, bands and songwriters within the Kent area. Smugglers Records now have a record store in Deal where there are also live performances. On top of this, there is the Lighthouse music and Arts pub which hosts a wide array of artists from all over the world, covering many styles of music. The Mystery Jets may be playing there soon.

When I wrote my first album, I was able to recruit lots of great musicians to play with me just from my pool of friends and family here in Deal. I put a lot of my energy into the things I like doing besides music, like dance, sea swimming, acrobatics.  I’m also massively into alternative health and am constantly researching and trying out new things.  My latest interest is Breatharianism.  I just always think it’s good to be doing what you love if you can!  I also play around with my 8 year old son, and organise all of his endeavours/ school etc.

  • SALUTE: Breatharianism vibes! Beautiful, when did you write your first song Poggy?

When I was about 13! But I wasn’t at all confident and didn’t write another song until I was about 24 I think.

  • SALUTE: What gear do you use for recording and production?

I have started to learn logic, but before that I was just making very simple recordings on Garage band.  I also record things live with a zoom.

  • SALUTE: What do you think of the SALUTE initiative and competition?

I think it’s a really good thing and will hopefully help to advertise our music and get it out there a bit. It seems like a great initiative, and useful for musicians. Good for making connections too.

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