Red Dog Music was formed in May 2008 by former management of Sound Control and Turnkey, previously the UK’s largest musical instrument and technology retailers. Frustrated by the general direction of musical instrument shops, we decided that we’d start our own and run it in the way we think music shops should be run.

We are defiantly independent – there are no sinister men in suits and dark glasses telling us what we should and should not do – and the store is both owned and run by musicians. As such, we set out to live up to our motto – “The Friendly Music Store” – not only by offering friendly service to our customers, but genuinely caring about our staff and the wider community, including our suppliers and competitors, and the music world that allows us to exist.

Passionate Musicians

As active musicians ourselves, we hold a passionate belief that musical instruments should not be treated like any other commodity! we stay central to the local music scene, sponsoring nights, helping musicians get gigs, and gigging ourselves in various different bands (from indie to techno to country and everything in between!).

Red Dog Music Managing Director Alex Marten said, “In a world where its increasingly difficult to make money from music, we’re delighted to be supporting the SALUTE music prize, an incredible opportunity for the new generation of UK musicians and producers to be rewarded for their talent.”

Stores in Edinburgh, Leeds and London.