Michael Dugher, CEO of UK Music: “We need to better reflect the communities we live among. As a creative industry admired across the globe we should be leading by example and setting the bar high for every other industry in the UK.

Showcasing talent from across the UK, SALUTE represents the true multi-cultural face of Britain. Celebrating diversity and inclusivity, SALUTE’s community embraces MUSIC MAKERS and MUSIC LOVERS of every ethnicity, gender, race, religion and sexual orientation. SALUTE welcomes individuals with disabilities and those from disadvantaged and vulnerable backgrounds.

“I have come to see the benefit of growing up somewhere that is genuinely multi-cultural. I’ve got friends from all different walks of life and backgrounds. It’s cool to have that.” Mr. Ekow

The SALUTE initiative fits in to a wider trend within the UK music industry of acknowledging failings around diversity and inclusivity, and the subsequent opportunities now emerging to tackle those failings. SALUTE is here to shine a light on all talent hiding in bedrooms, basements, and studios around the UK – nurturing a new generation of Music Makers, regardless of their background or genre.

SALUTE is about nurturing the left field, genre less, innovative world of UK music.

Structural policies, practices, and attitudes in the UK routinely produce cumulative and chronic adverse outcomes for people today. Inequalities and discrimination based on sex, gender, race, ethnicity, ability, and sexuality influence people’s life chances and experiences. These structural inequalities in society distort opportunity, perpetuating historic forms of hierarchy and inequality, which on a micro level can influence snap judgements made of competency and talent.

“Thinking about the music industry, it’s progressing but it is sort of ten years behind, it’s a very white male heterosexual environment.” Grace Savage

We want our Diversity and Inclusivity Principles to clarify our ethos and commitment to an open-minded evaluation of the music entered into our competition, as well as to serve as a resource to counteract misunderstanding of the complex workings of power and inequality.

We believe that the way to change these problems is not to stop talking about them, or pretend that they don’t exist, even when it’s complicated and confusing. Instead, we believe that keeping the conversation going and ensuring that scrutiny around the subject isn’t allowed to drift, there is great potential for SALUTE and the wider music community to create a rich, diverse and inclusive musical culture in the UK that will be beneficial to all.

SALUTE wants to benefit the fabric of British culture with support for talented UK Music Makers from any background.

It goes without saying that the route to comprehensive diversity across the industry is a challenging one – things are not going to transform overnight. We hope that SALUTE’s Diversity and Inclusivity Series will clarify the ethos of SALUTE for our Music Makers and Lovers.