The SALUTE competition reflects the dramatic changes in the way new music is written, recorded and shared. Recent advancements in music technology enable Music Makers to create music almost anytime, anywhere and the quality of organic, original music emerging from home studios has never been higher and is constantly evolving.

The idea behind the project is to create an accessible and fair opportunity for a diverse range of songwriters and music producers to showcase their talents and now is the perfect time to provide a platform to help them do so.

This is why we launched a competition that SALUTES the DIY generation of music makers.

Since launching in April 2017, we have set out on a mission to discover new talent and build strong relationships with notable music related platforms, such as GRM Daily, UNILAD, The Unsigned Music Awards, ReverbNation and Tenement TV to help build new opportunities for grassroots UK talent.


Initially, ‘Music Makers’ will upload a recording of their music to to the SALUTE web platform, whereupon a listening phase will follow. During this time, the SALUTE team, along with respected curators, will listen, rate and evaluate the applications with the goal of narrowing this down to a top 100. Simultaneously, music lovers and applicants will be able to share music through social media and the app, whilst interacting with others, rating the music and building playlists. Subsequently, we will create an active digital music community where music lovers can be taken on a genre-mixing journey of discovery.

After this stage, the top 100 will be whittled down by a public vote , to a final 6 who will each receive £10,000 and participate in the SALUTE Finals through a worlds first truly interactive playlist voting system in Facebook Messenger.  Contestants will be in pursuit of the ‘Salute Music Maker’ title and a prize of £40,000, taking the total winnings to £50,000 the biggest of any independent music prize worldwide.



SALUTE is for all music makers and song writers, bringing their artistry to the forefront and amplifying their ambition, with the opportunity to win a life-changing, no-strings-attached cash prize! SALUTE is set to redefine and re-position the writers, supporting and empowering DIY UK talent through a bespoke cutting edge platform to launch the next generation of Music Makers.

SALUTE is here to represent the real face of the UK music scene, tapping into and providing an opportunity to platform and launch music careers for the abandoned and disenfranchised generation. Values of diversity and inclusivity are at the foundation of our competition, bringing the rich mix of UK culture together through music and a legacy that will take music making back to the grassroots with key partners.

SALUTE will be transparent and impartial, implementing robust systems and governance. SALUTE is dictated by curators and the public rather than being engineered for entertainment, and is underpinned by developing and bringing a shared equity scheme to the market for all unsigned writers.

SALUTE will inform and entertain music audiences through a free digital platform which has a rich mix of original new music and voting mechanics. The SALUTE digital platform encourages the sharing and discovery of music through curation and the crossing of genre divides, bringing music lovers closer to the music makers.



“British music can justifiably claim to conquer the world but that incredible success is built upon one thing, talent. In an age of television static and bewildering musical consumer choice, it is now more important than ever that we give the right, focused support and opportunity to the next generation of great British talent. Salute is set to make that happen.”