• SALUTE: Greetings Artan! Tell us about how you got into music in the first place.

I started off beatboxing and wanted to pursue that, however it became more of a party trick and I wanted to express myself through rapping. At first when I was about 15 I thought people would just make fun of me for trying so I just kept all my songs to myself and never really showed anyone. It got to a point a few years later where I showed a couple people and they were really surprised that someone who doesn’t really fit the rapping stereotype was actually good. I then started experimenting with my voice more and found out that I can sing my own hooks.

  • SALUTE: That combination of rapping and singing is dope, what influences have shaped your music?

I’ve moved schools 5 times and moved houses 5 times in the last 15 years of my life, having to adapt to different cultures and different environments has definitely made me appreciate different styles of music and understand that there are other topics people can relate to other than love or money. Also one of my best friends sadly took his own life in December which hit me and my friends hard. I always told him to do w that makes him happy and to express himself whenever he feels down so I try to stick to that rule in my life and music.

  • SALUTE: Have you faced challenges getting your music heard or working with other musicians?

I’ve always had trouble getting my music heard as I don’t really fall into a certain category in this industry. I’m quite a diverse artist so listening to 1 track might not necessarily represent me accurately. I’ve found though that as long as you are consistent with your quality and release music that is true to you then people will catch on and when they do they’ll be a lot more connected with you!

I’ve also found that nobody wants to work with you until everyone wants to work with you… What I mean by that is you have to make certain people see other people wanting you to work with you for them to actually want you themselves. You’ve got to make people feel like they’re missing out on something, I’ve not done many features because when I started I begged everyone and realised it’s not going to happen like that. You have to focus on perfecting your own product first and be able to bring something to the table for the other artist whether that’s a fanbase or the music.

  • SALUTE: What successes have you had along the way with your music?

I was recently played on Radio 1xtra & BBC Asian Network and was invited to do a freestyle on Rinse FM for the Morgan Keyz UK Rap show which he said is “his favourite freestyle so far on the show” which I’m pretty proud of, I cant lie! I’ve also been getting blogged frequently on GRMDaily, SBTV and LinkupTV which I’m really chuffed about, and some of the artists that I listen to on a daily basis are acknowledging me as an artist now not someone who’s ‘trying’ to be an artist which is sick.

  • SALUTE: What are your ambitions with music and life for 2017?

I’m keeping an open mind musically and going to carry on experimenting with different producers and styles of music. I’m still not a full time musician so balancing everything is pretty hard, I want to make this a full time thing and until that happens I’m going to be investing all my time + money into production to ensure it happens.

  • SALUTE: What do you think of SALUTE and what SALUTE offers Music Makers?

First of all I love the fact that you are supporting artists from a variety of backgrounds. If you had presented yourself as an R&B or RAP platform I probably wouldn’t really know how to present myself. Showcasing my music is something that is really important to me to, getting my music heard is a big issue for independent artists with low budgets, so we really take any opportunity handed to us even if sometimes it doesn’t benefit us like we think it will. I also really want to show my music to people WORLDWIDE as I think there are many more people overseas that can appreciate my music and potentially could be life-long fans!

Check out some of Artan’s music below:



http://rinse.fm/rinsetv/ukrapshow/ – UKRap Freestyle