• SALUTE: Greetings Gabz! For those who don’t know, at the age of just 14 Gabz, you wrote and performed on a top ten single! How did you start out making music?

Throughout school many of my friends didn’t know what they wanted to do with their lives, but I always wanted to be a pop star!

  • SALUTE: What influences have shaped your music?

I’m a singer-songwriter, rapper and multi-instrumentalist & would describe my style as pop mixed with RnB and rap. My main influences in music are Jessie J & Ed Sheeran but I like to listen to a wide range of music.

  • SALUTE: Vibes. Can you tell us what it was like for you with your breakthrough back in 2013?

Having previously only performed at school & church, I decided to audition for Britain’s Got Talent for the experience. At 14 years of age I wasn’t expecting much so it was a complete shock that I managed to get to the 2013 final, singing my own songs. It was an amazing experience and afterwards I got to release my own song, ‘Lighters’, which incredibly got to number 6 in the UK Official Charts, and featured on the multi platinum selling ‘Now 85’ album!

As well as gaining experience and confidence I’ve had so many opportunities because of BGT. I have had my songs played and been interviewed on national & local radio and I have appeared on TV shows such as This Morning, Lorraine, The One Show & Friday Download. I have performed all over the UK and had the amazing opportunity of performing alongside acts such as McFly, The Vamps, Professor Green and Lawson!


  • SALUTE: Smashed it! Really nice to hear that of your achievements with presenting your own original music. That’s what SALUTE is championing for songwriters with our competition and show. How have things been going more recently?

In 2016, I released my debut EP, ‘Up’, on my own label, which I’m very proud of especially as it’s very difficult balancing a career in music whilst still at school. I’m so excited that I have just finished my A Level exams and from September will be studying music at university so I will finally be able to focus 100% on what I love doing! In the meantime I will be performing around the country and that is what gives me the greatest buzz – singing my own songs live.

I am very ambitious and would love to be successful as an artist, a songwriter and to branch out to music production, which I have already started.


  • SALUTE: All good, that’s what SALUTE is all about, amplifying ambition for UK independent songwriters and music makers! Wishing you more success with the music degree. Given your experiences in the industry to date, what do you think about the SALUTE initiative?

The experience I have already gained has helped me to understand the sacrifices and hard work you need to put in if you want to be successful in such a competitive industry and I can really appreciate why SALUTE is such a fantastic competition. It focuses on the music creators who are the real heroes of the music industry as even the greatest singers are nothing without good songs!

The competition also offers exposure, which I have learned is vital to any artist wanting to be successful in the music industry.

Getting your song to be heard by influential people in the music business means potentially making some career lasting contacts. And the potential prize money could really help kick-start or accelerate someone’s career, making it possible to invest in making good music and helping with promotion costs.

Good luck to all who enter the competition!


You can check out more from Gabz at her website:



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